Now I have reached the point where I’m feeling guilty of records I don’t have time to listen to. Yes, it’s weird: I keep buying records but besides a few exceptions – see below – they end up to my shelves to collect dust – and stare at me accusation in their eyes. Damn I hate this feeling: I love music but I just can’t find enough time to concentrate fully on every purchase. Another problem is the space: sometimes it feels like I’m sailing in Bermuda triangle of vinyls, CDs and tapes, where every format is fighting for its space. Add lots of toys, lots of books and some sort of a urge to keep my house cosy and classy and here you go. First world problems. At least this world creates good albums, like these three.


PESTE NOIRE: Peste Noire (La Mesnie Herlequin 2013)

The twisted and tormented mind of Famine has spawned another album. 2011’s L’Ordure á l’état Pur was a total mind fuck with some unexpected elements but when you just opened your mind to the music, the whole picture revealed to be quite unified and strong. This eponymous album, however, seems to be even a more dynamic and striking experience.

Peste Noire has created the genre of their own. It includes raw black metal, aching melodies, street aggression, background noise, accordion, visiting vocalists and an atmosphere that you could meet in a medieval countryside pub: rowdy-like, even chaotic but also somehow carnevalistic. The songs are almost collapsing with their twists and turns but somehow the band manages to keep everything together – I could even say ‘in order’, but these songs have always a surprise factor waiting behind the corner. Again some moments are a bit offensive like the rap-like speech in Niquez vos Villes but in this context this turns out a strong, aggressive manifestation.

And again, if you dig deeper, you find brilliant riffs and melodies which could get tons of praises if the execution was more traditional. But Peste Noire don’t want to be traditional – but they aren’t modern either. This album is a wind from the past but in this modern world it doesn’t feel dated but irritatingly old and honest.

A total earworm, La Blonde:


BLACK SABBATH: 13 (Vertigo 2013)

Another form of blackness. 13 is maybe one of the most anticipated and controversial comeback albums, especially when you add the drama between drummer Bill Ward and other members of the band – and I think that Ozzy Osbourne’s role as a MTV dad doesn’t help the situation either. Therefore it’s good to notice how Black Sabbath concentrates to do what they can do best: groovy doomy heavy rock.

You could say that Black Sabbath is mimicking Black Sabbath on 13, but they do it well. These songs use all those tricks and elements that made you love Black Sabbath in the beginning, but in these hands – and I mean the hands of Geezer Butler and Tony Iommi – these tricks don’t sound childish and plastic. Every rocking mid section, every wailing guitar solo, every simple slow beat – they all are full of force. Of course 13 turns out a bit repetitive in some point and you can’t find a total mind blowing hit song from this, but it’s just amazing how this band can make an album like this in 2013.

One of the doomier tracks, Damaged Soul


PELIGRO!: Peligro (Discos Enfermos 2011)

Black Sabbath meets Poison Idea.” That’s how one member of this Spanish band described their style at Puntala-rock punk festival in July. And I’m not here to argue against him: this tight group grooves with speed and rocks with bluesy doom, and although this kind of a concept could be even more experimental and daring, Peligro! definitely has good things in their hands to rock with. Unfortunately their gig at Puntala-rock was a small disappointment: singer Adri didn’t take the stage but the ground by the alcoholic rage, and in one point his heavy shouting became drunken growling. The other guys of the band were a bit frustrated of all this and the gig ended a bit short. Well, now I have the vinyl so I can experience it all as how it should have sounded (although they were tighter live than on this record) – how about you?

Listen the whole album:

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