Yes, it has been silent. So silent that you’re unsure if there is beating at all in this wrecked heart. Well, when all is blooming and summer is leading your soul, the wonderful world of Internet fades away. Plus when you’re pushing a zine after a zine out and you’re always hungry for new treats, you don’t have so much energy to look back. But don’t worry, I’ll publish that third interview of #9 someday. Before that, read this: Kaleidoscope #15 is out. It has good bands. And the interviews are okay too. Here are the bands and a few clips of their answers. Aren’t they good. Now, order your copy from New Era Productions or Tour De Garde. Contact info below. As everything else. Below. Caress the heat.

Prices and contact:

NEW ERA: Five Euros / a piece including postages in Europe, six Euros / a piece including postages outside of Europe (Paypal: neweraproductions.nl@gmail.com)

TOUR DE GARDE: tdghq@t-d-g.net



This is a long interview. Starting from the birth of Cosmic Church in 2004 and ending to the coming full-length Ylistys (coming out in this Autumn), Luxixul Sumering Auter really opens his heart in this chat.

   – When the all-seeing eye of Satan is watching you after your death during the cosmic trial, there is NOTHING which He doesn’t know or see. Are you truly ready to really look what is inside you and face all the consequences of your every single action, word, idea and thought you’ve ever had and take the judgment?



This interview is something different – every questions starts with a word ‘why’… Sounds weird? Well, also Jumalhämärä sounds weird so the questions and answers took each other’s hands and danced into the sunset of Apocalypse.

   – It became so dark that the street lights went on and off and they were just waving in the strong wind. Really strong and strange atmosphere I can tell you! You can actually hear the ending part of the storm in the song. We put a couple of mics outside the temple to include the ambience on the song.

    – The track turned out as we had planned and as you can finally hear it on the vinyl. Slow, simple, oppressing and organ-based song that stands on its own.



Norwegian black metal – does it have anything new to offer? Well, if you’re looking for depressive sides of life and metal, check out Knokkelklang. Avgrunnens Klangverk is a 23-minute long journey through ghosts and other visions of nothing, and the main rattler of bones, E. was very open in this interview.

   – Ghosts as I have learned to know them are those who after death are unable to let go of all this that is personal, those who for some reason resist the engulfing of the void, who still seek something of personal importance in our world. With this in mind it is interesting to note how ghosts are one of the most fundamental symbols of horror to us, a symbol I guess you can find in most cultures.



Legends singing about legends… Although this Austrian duo haven’t ever released bad albums, Old Mornings Dawn is a very strong work which carries all the trademarks of Summoning at their best: wailing guitar mountains, epic synths and eagle-like screaming vocals. This great album created this good interview.

   – There also was a point when I thought it would be better to stop Summoning, and there was also a discussion that Protector should make a mini CD on his own. Then came the point when I had a serious heart infarct, which took a long time for me to recover from. During this time I realized that Summoning had a big importance for me and from that time on I started to compose again, but this time from a complete beginner’s point: that means I had no fully composed songs but just a couple of very basic riffs and it took a long time to realize in which direction the new music is going.



More legends… Take a good dose of Greek black metal, take a guy (Magus Vampyr Daoloth) from the inner circle of all the action and let it go.

   – Lucifer. He is the main persona hidden in most of the lyrics of the album. The many faces of Lucifer: handsome, brave, tricky, cruel, evil, intelligent, just, light bearer, abyss dweller, etc. Actually, Lucifer bears all the characteristics of Man. Like the Gods of the Old. The Greek Pantheon or the Scandinavian… but here all are concentrated on one entity, like Man himself. A man can be all of these things together, so can his God.


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