The time is here, again. Kaleidoscope #13 has crawled out of its womb (my computer, that is) and is ready to claim the throne. So read the information + my personal descriptions of these five bands and order it.

20130307_203927 (1)

The second short issue, black metal and more.

ASYMMETRY (the first and the last interview)





20 pages, A4, small font, black and white, rip-and-paste layout.

Price 3,5 euros / a piece + postages. Labels can ask for wholesale prices and possible trades. Tour De Garde will handle the printing and distribution for North America so please contact them in this case.


SERPENTSCOPE #2 (Death Strike, Abhorrence, Degial, Pustulation, Razor of Occam…) 3 euros

KALEIDOSCOPE #11 part Jupiter (Choir of Young Believers, Hexvessel, Joose Keskitalo, Pyhä Kuolema, Tenhi) 3 euros

KALEIDOSCOPE #11 part Mars (Agatus, Barbarian, Innsmouth, Vordr, Wulkana) 3 euros

KALEIDOSCOPE #12 (Dolentia, Reveal, Malefices, Uncreationist, Year Of The Goat) 3 euros



What do you get when you put one old American black metal artist and one young Finnish black metal artist, both deep into occult mysteries and melancholy, to the same rehearsal room? Well, it’s Asymmetry, a perfect combination of harshness and sadness. Asymmetry’s second demo Ashes to Wood was one of the strongest demo tapes last year, and I had a great honour to make this first and the last interview with the band.

My review of Ashes to Wood: https://kaleidoscopemag.wordpress.com/2012/02/28/the-chosen-three-february-2012/


This Danish one man band is one of those bands which I hope getting better and better in the future. Slægt has released only one demo tape and a split with White Medal so far, but these releases have already proved that this band knows how to make primitive old school blackness with great hooks. Be forewarned.

My review of the 7″ with White Medal: https://kaleidoscopemag.wordpress.com/2013/02/01/the-chosen-three-january-2013/



Romantic out-sider dirge pop? Or just bleak synthwave? Well, be the description this or that, Tollund Men is miles away from Hurts. Or even Depeche Mode. This band is so lo-fi and so depressed that listening to their music is a painful task as itself – in a positive way. And if you get pimples from non-metal stuff, remember that Tollund Men made their own version of LIK’s superb Hate to Be Human on their cover album.

My review of The Door 7″: https://kaleidoscopemag.wordpress.com/2012/10/05/the-chosen-three-september-2012/



Veneror took me by surprise. I didn’t have any foreknowledge about this Italian trio but when I put their debut album Percussimus Foedus cum Morte to my player, I instantly knew that I have a gem in my hands. The band is pure nostalgia: taking their influences from Vinterland, Sacramentum and other mid-nineties’ melodic black metal bands, Veneror manages to make dramatic, intense and catchy music. And that’s not all – this interview shows that the main man Lashtal doesn’t just play tricks with Latin phrases and occult references.



I really looked forward Wither’s debut album Necropolis, and this album has proved to be a real grower. Full of black metal, doom metal, melancholy, lightness, disturbing oppression and wailing melodies, Necropolis is an album which needs time to reveal its deepest secrets.

My review of Necropolis: https://kaleidoscopemag.wordpress.com/2013/01/02/the-chosen-three-december-2012/


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