I started this blog a year ago. After that, there have been lots of old interviews, 34 recommendations in the form of The Chosen Three articles and bits and pieces along the way. And most important, about 18 000 visitors – thanks to you! However, the main reason to start this blog – the mysterious issue number ten – is still in works, but meanwhile Serpentscope #2 and Kaleidoscope #11 saw the light. So, a quite nice year after all.

And there will be more in this blog. Next I’ll represent a few interviews from Serpentscope #1 and then I’ll go forward to Kaleidoscope #9 – after that maybe some old interviews which I’ve made for Imperiumi.net… And then, in some point, if the stars are right and gods benign, I manage to complete that issue ten. Yeah, I don’t want to let go, not until that goddamn issue ten is ready. And by the way, I have sent questions to dozen bands already, so there will be #12, #13 etc. I guess.

But but. The next and the last article for this year will be my personal top five of 2012, and then straight into the great unknown! Thanks for this year and let’s see you in 2013!



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