Usually I have had some sort of a foreword for these selections, but now I just want to say that Kaleidoscope #11 is almost complete! Expect an impulsive piece of zinestry in the form of two different sides… While drooling and waiting, why don’t you check these three nice releases and have a joyfully melancholic Autumn.

TATIR: Cave of Ephyras… To the Infernal Fields (Kill Yourself Productions / Forgotten Wisdom 2012)

Another hidden gem from Hellas! Tatir was a band which was active in the middle of the nineties, and they released only two demos. Now these demo tapes have been dug up and resurrected with an unreleased 7”. And if you know your Greek Black Metal, you know Tatir: melodic and synth-laden epic black metal which has its clumsiness but still gives you buckets of charm and catchiness. Already the opener song The Drawl of Naiad (from that previously mentioned 7” – check the link below!) cherishes you with guitar solos, blast beats, heavy metal interludes and gnarling vocals – I would say that this song could challenge Rotting Christ and Kawir anytime.

Hmm, I don’t know if I have anything else to say about this actually. The demos work well too – of course the production lacks of strength but the songs themselves and that so important atmosphere carry Tatir to the victory. Yes, the atmosphere – that Hellenic style of being almost sentimental but still being so true and honest that you just have to raise your glass with gods and carry on. Tatir has the strength, the aggression, the feeling – enough said.

SEREMONIA: Seremonia (Svart Records 2012)

Svart Records has been responsible for many releases in my Choisen Threes, and also this list for September has its own Svart thing: Seremonia’s way to the top has been quite quick but this band radiates some sort of impulsiveness so it’s quite understandable. Just a girl and three (well, now four) guys playing hazy psychedelic heavy rock with apocalyptic and pseudo-occult lyrics, that’s Seremonia’s (I guess you have enough brain to find out what this band’s name means) spell to success. Naïve? Yes. A bit humorous? Of course. A bunch of stolen riffs from Black Sabbath? Definitely.

But who cares – this album is good fun, and it has good songs. Like the mastermind, bassist Ilkka Vekka puts it in one interview, Seremonia is a band, where “musicians worse than average play at the limits of their skills”. And that is the charm of this band: Seremonia doesn’t care if they are full of clichés or don’t have perfect timing in playing: they just rock and enjoy it. Be it a pure rock song (Rock’n’rollin maailma – check the video link down below! – and Kosminen ruumisvaunu) or a more progressive piece (Aamuruskon kaupunki and Lusiferin käärmeet), they get my vote. Even the most obscure song, a chanting called Antikristus 666 works just fine. Noora Federley’s monotonic and amateurish singing shares opinions maybe the most, but at least we don’t have a girl called Lilith doing dark angel voices here!

So give this band a chance. Try to get through the surface and listen to the music. Seremonia has a good ritual going on.

And their drummer Erno Taipale has a good beating going on too! Although the man’s first love is a good doom metal band called Garden Of Worm, his impassioned work in Seremonia works too. But how would Taipale describe himself as a drummer? And how does he fulfill Seremonia’s vision about perfect rock’n’roll?

– Unprofessional and relentless, with a sense for rhythm. I’m originally a guitarist who has always dreamed of playing drums. Now that I have the opportunity to play the creativity just bursts when I’m sweating behind the drum kit. That kind of freely flowing raw energy should be one of the core values of rock’n’roll. I think that is the most important thing that I can give to the total vision of Seremonia.

Rock’n’rollin maailma video:

TOLLUND MEN: Door 7” (Bleak Environment 2012)

“Fourteen minutes of romantic outsider dirge-pop” is the description of this seven inch on the label’s web page. Romantic? Are you expecting flowers, kisses and beautiful butterflies? Tollund Men is more about withered roses, cigarette stubs and being that boy who doesn’t get the girl in the end. Yes, this is bleak synth-ridden post punk which is dragged to the moonlight from the dampest cellars and the dirtiest nightclubs. The drums, the melodies and the singing are full of discouragement, and the these songs really lead you into the deepest pits of melancholy. And how softly they make it: Tollund Men don’t have to use screams or screeching guitars. This is authentic post punk, and although their visual side is dangerously close to Bone Awl (and I could bet that this Denver duo has some black metal connections), they don’t try to be anything else what they are. A nice little soundtrack for this Autumn.

But when you play such sweet music as Tollund Men, the band guys must be total babe magnets. A mainman Neal tells the truth about chicks and post punk.

– Girls think they like Tollund Men because they hear a word like ‘love’. so they come see us at whatever shitty place we are playing and watch us with our dark sunglasses mumbling into a microphone and think that I am looking at them when I sing, but usually my eyes are closed. I wish I could fuck them, I wish I could fuck even one, but I can’t leave this corner in the back of the venue, a veil of cigarette smoke shrouding my body and a crippling insecurity chaining me to the wall. I thought that I would definitely get laid but the cards haven’t been in my favor. I should work on my stage banter, calling out to women in the room that I want to meet them after the show, but no one is able to understand my voice anyway. Every once in a while a girl will say something like, ‘I liked the last song,’ and I can only say, ‘Thank you,’ when I should be saying, ‘Prove it.’ All this talk has made me realize how desperate and pathetic I am, so maybe I’ll go to the Mournful Congregation show tonight and try have sex with a dirty crust girl with a garlic scented pussy- after all, it’s all pink in the middle.


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