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Aaaah, the fruits of labor… I have been drowning into the sea of tapes, vinyls and CD’s I have received through hardcore trading concerning our Serpentscope magazine. Lots of interesting music, some wanted, some not, but full of surprises nevertheless! Here are three selected pieces of ugly music I have spun in my dusty record player – I command you to buy these too!

REVEAL: Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth (High Roller Records / Invictus Productions 2011/2012)

Uppsala (in Sweden, you know) has been a cradle for nostalgic trips to death metal’s origins in the form of Invidious, Degial etc. but Reveal dives even deeper. Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth, their first album (and their first release in general), isn’t about Boss HM-2 pedals or salivating over Nihilist demos; now we are building altars to Morbid, Tormentor, Mercyful Fate and other weirder members of the 80ies’ extreme metal. Reveal aren’t afraid of taking risks, and they create an original aura full of obscurities, dark twists and evilness.

But this doesn’t mean that Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth is just a big mess of everything. The album, only 29 minutes long, gushes catchy riffs and melodies, and the band excels both in brutality and epic, eerie moments. And vocals by Ghost (not that Ghost!); aaargh, pure excellence, horrid and stabbing like Dead back in the dark days! So, choose the vinyl from High Roller or the CD from Invictus, it’s worth of it.

REINCARNAGE: Black Vision (Death Invocation 2010)

More obscure death metal from Sweden, this time from Linköping. This demo is actually two years old, but as you know, good music is timeless. Reincarnage’s duo Alex Moraitis – Jester From Hell has created a murky and crusty piece of death/thrash metal which isn’t maybe the tightest stuff you will hear but again, it contains aggressive, relentless and open-minded decisions. The songs crumble from gloomy preachings to Possessed-like poundings, and the demo-spirited, echoing soundscape fits these songs like a glove. I hope these guys haven’t lost in the abyss of silence and we will get another dose of Reincarnage in the future.

But Jester From Hell (drums), what is your (black) vision about perfect death metal?

– We think that it should sound old and dirty, but with new dimensions riff-wise. I mean it cannot be boring, it must be a slap in the face quite often.

BARBARIAN / BUNKER 66 (Doomentia 2012)

My head was crushed and flushed by Barbarian when I saw them performing live in Berlin this summer, and after their demo tape I was hungering more for their Hellhammer-worshipping metal. Now these Italians give us two new tracks and a damn fine Death SS cover, and yeah, Barbarian just gets better. Of course the Hellhammer influence is still here, but these thrashy and ten-ton-heavy songs possess so much originality that the band rises to the next level with this release. Barbarian’s hell machine rolls so naturally, be it slow or fast, and the heavy production and vocals from a hollow grave take care of the rest of survivors. Bunker 66 is also ok, being also thrash as hell but also having speed metal screams and stuff like that, but I know that Barbarian’s side will be that one which will get more spins here.

And oh yes, I can reveal that there will be a Barbarian interview in the next Kaleidoscope… Here’s an excerpt of it – the singer/guitarist Boris Crossburn explains what the difference between copying and paying a tribute is:

– It depends who you’re paying tribute to. Anyway, we are not here to invent anything, we have some clear influences and we are honest about it. Our personality pops up in the way we are using those influences. I don’t see us like thieves or borrowers, but like (don’t laugh) “historians” studying the classics, trying to understand them and then composing our own stuff based on that.