I continued with the idea of short interviews about demo bands in the issue #6 too, but this time I chose only two bands instead of four: Saturnian Mist and Empire Of Tharaphita. They both impressed me with their first creations, although I had to chew a bit more EOT’s offerings until the band’s loose, Greek-sounding black metal started to open its gates. In Saturnian Mist’s case the task was easier, but if the band’s demo was an enjoyable but still quite traditional piece of Finnish black metal, Zetekh and his circle of occult musicians have dared to follow more obscure roads with their other releases. Especially the full-length Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan (2011) rejected the typical standards of (occult) black metal but incorporated quite modern and raw elements to their preachings. This didn’t appeal to everyone and also yours truly can’t enjoy every inch of Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan, but still the album is a monument of personal vision and honesty.

In this old interview Zetekh mentions that Saturnian’s Mist music is a representation of the views and the path in occult philosophy and Luciferian mysticism. Has the goal remained the same, and in the light of this old description, what kind of things does Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan represent? Let  Zetekh speak…

   – Oh, the nostalgy. It’s actually satisfying to read the interview from ’08 and to realize how clear and loyal we have kept our agenda even the years have passed and our musical representation have evolved a lot. Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan represent the same things you mentioned yet wrapped in much more holistic and larger concept. We see Satan-Lucifer-Azazel as inverted trinity (a lower triangle) of the Father-Son-Holy spirit division and Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan is about the spiritual and psychological journey of the inverting this lower triangle into upper triangle and replacing the God-Jesus-Dove symbolism and ethics with Satan-Lucifer-Azazel one. You know, like archetypal Father becomes Satan, instead of ‘God’ which is the status quo of world religions. And this all happens with changes in your thoughts and actions  not just replacing the terms.

   – In the past we gave much more attention to the Lucifer aspect of this trinity, but in Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan it comes sort of given, a symbol and essence of the real self-image and selfhood (‘Itseys’ is a hard word to translate…). In general, the full-length is about the exploration of the whole archetype of Satan which consists the Lucifer and Azazel aspects alongside with this relationship of SELF and subjective spiritual path. Major focus is on the Satan aspect of this trinity though. And what kind of picture does it give about ourselves? Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is. – J.W. Von Goethe. Otherwise couldn’t care less.

(originally released in Kaleidoscope zine #5, 2008)

Hails, Zetekh! Because you may be a rather unknown name to our readers, please give us some guidelines to the realm of Saturnian Mist.

– Avé! Saturnian Mist is funereal yield of black metal acquitted by famulus Zetekh and famulus Chaoswind. It should be seen as a musical approaching and a poetic representation of the reckoning based on the Luciferian Mysticism (by its overall influence through the diverse manifestation of archetypal Satan) undergone by individuals mentioned above. Simply, reflection of the path we are walking and relationship of the ideas we represent assigned into the feeble form of music.

Saturnian Mist isnt your only band: you also have another Black Metal band called Anxiety, who also made a demo tape for Drakkar. How do you see differences between these two bands?

– Anxiety succumbed into the flow of unilateral – yet intense – hatred and emotions when being as a primitive throughput of the universes’ abstruse bearings reflecting that time and personal life. Wild hounds howling at cellar and angels singing on attic. – Friedrich Nietzsche

– In turn, Saturnian Mist offers more profound and holistic aspect of view to the ideas and ambivalence which are breathing beneath our lives, exploiting the different musical concept.

Your demo tape came out this year, but it seems that Saturnian Mist has existed from 2006. How do you see the evolution of your band during these two years and what lessons have you learned for the future?

– Even the demo came out this year, most of the demo material has been ready since the beginning of Saturnian Mist; some parts even before SM. We felt necessary to profess the first steps to create an integral image of the concept. From current situation, the leaning for already tried and accepted solutions has perhaps made little bit of withdrawn.

Although Drakkar released your demo, I guess you are hunting for a real record deal  or is the full-length an ultimate goal to you?

– Everything is moving with its own weight at the moment, yet I hope when the time is right and mature enough that there would be a possibility for full-length release.

Your songs possess certain melodic edges and also rocking elements which work well with the rawer material. How do you manage to move between this hard triangle of mellowness, catchiness and harsh, uncompromised hate?

– Songs of the demo build themselves around of certain climaxes and the rest of parts (try) accompany and reflect those. Eloquently saying, the elements find their places itself.

Among longer songs there lies a three minute song called Purification. What kind of purification are we talking about in this case?

– Keywords are perhaps Will of life and man’s inter-subjective dimension which can be lead back to fe. Communal consciousness. Ego must be purified from the entities which are upholding the delusional self-image that it would corresponds “The True Self”. That way the real and invariable “perennial” knowledge (Gnosis) would be reachable. The real knowledge aren’t attainable by this delusional self-image as often every (unconscious) subject is under the influence of absolute life force/life’s will (Will of God), which distort the experience of the reality and the world; and reflects the stream of information only through this Will. Also, often (at this prevailing spirit of time) the Anti-Christianity begins with antithesis without rational foundation, leaving however its archetypal ideas and paradigms stay in the depths of sub-consciousness. Christianity is the religion of life and which virtues reflects specifically the “life’s will”, which both have to be purified. Purification tries to appear as a portrait of this progression through the perception of Left-Hand-Path, the path towards the true existence through violent ascent.

Your cover art unites an omega symbol and the Sun. Usually the Sun is seen as a giver of life, while an omega symbolises the end or death. So is Saturnian Mist dealing with both ends of this same line, or am I on the wrong tracks here?

– You are not on the wrong tracks. Cover art tried capture specifically the paradoxical, everlasting essence and the unity of The All. One cardinal-idea bases on that the ultimate essence of cosmos/universe is absolute divinity, hindmost chaos which two essential beings are the Eternity (Logos, which has been described often as a sun in some mythologies; and as a god which can be lead back its actual meaning by simple etymology. The All) – and the essence tearing the existence of the all eternity (Omega, end, lack of life). But as nothing comes from nothing, the absolute death isn’t possible in the world without end, so it gives  on a long enough time line – an impulse for the possibility of new creations. This pair of opposites which is the One can be described in many ways: motion/motionless, activity/passivity, life/death… In different mythologies it is brought forth very well: Ying/Yang in east, and in west God/Satan. This is a just ontological representation as scrutinized with metaphysics there are only apparent differences with these adversities, but in Satanism you situate yourself specifically for this destructive entity which aspire away from God; in the conjunction of Lucifer as a true self the ideals of Death and Void are breathing strong in the Logos and ensconcing above the god is possible when rejecting this Great Law.

On your homepage you are declaring that Saturnian Mist is exploration, essay, mass praise and the manifest for the great eternity and the ever-being essence of Satan. Brave words but how do you see that music  Black Metal in this case  can be seen as a tool for such spiritual and magical goals and purposes?

– I see that music as a form of art is quite a comprehensive tool to bring forth spiritual and transcendent dimensions by its abstract and polymorphic means which corrodes deeply into the consciousness and awakes also many that kind of experiences and states of mind which everyday-Ego cannot reach otherwise. Philosophy and Occultism should be internalized by whole personal being that it would be true without being approximation, and especially in music there is discernible a profound intuitive tone. I see it working like prayers or meditations by its lyrical function, validated by multifaceted and penetrating effect of music; including vast deals of different (abstruse) issues – And all of that opens through few “magic words”.

Like Russia has spawned a brand new circle, the Blazebirth Hall, usually also the Finnish Black Metal scene is counted as one, but how do you see the situation: are the Finnish BM bands one big family or can they be divided into smaller groups?

– I think the concept “Finnish BM” has its own unique function by outward perception as Blazebirth Hall has its own without depending of its inner tendencies. By inward perception, I assume there are different views and opinions as much as there are different persons.

How about how do you see yourself in the big picture? Are you close to the so-called scene, are you interested in what is happening or are you more like outcasts who walk their own path?

– I see Saturnian Mist as a commencing black metal band. Although, I am interested of what is going on I don’t see a discordance to “walk the own path”.

So, then the last words. What does the future hold for Saturnian Mist?

– Thanks for an exquisite interview. Future holds new material to be recorded before change of the year. Rest is open and uncertain.


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