Necros Christos has always been a reliable band what comes to interviews. Maybe the reason for this is the band’s serious and in-depth attitude against everything they are doing: be it song writing, lyrics, concepts, interludes or live performances. They started on the solid ground and have just kept climbing higher – the last year’s offering, Doom of the Occult, was another fine example of this.

But you have to start from somewhere, and in Necros Christos’s case this “somewhere” was two top class demo tapes, Black Mass Desecration (2003) and Grave Damnation (2004). These two little bastards have always been the strongest efforts from the band to me: the vision is still quite raw but it has the enjoyable rough edge in it. This doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the more profound material of their full-lengths, but these demos hit you harder, more with power than with wisdom, in every area – cover arts, interludes, songs like Red Wine Runs Out of the White Skull of Jesus or Doom of Nekros – Death of Christos…

So another – and the last – take from Kaleidoscope issue number two. This a bit shallow interview was supposed to be published in Satanic Tyrant Werwolf’s Zabulus zine, but because that issue never saw the light of a day, I took it back for Kaleidoscope. The interview was done with Mors Dalos Ra in the end of July 2005.

Doomish Death/Black Metal is not the easiest genre to master, but German Necros Christos is a band which has created deathstriking monuments in this abyssic genre. The mastermind behind the evil works of Necros Christos, Mors Dalos Ra, cracked the curtain to us.

So, what is the most important reason of Necros Christos’s existence and what do you want to give to the listeners through your music?

– Spreading darkness, damnation and death amongst those who fall into our sound is one of the main reasons, plain and simple. Bringing back real, necromantical Death Metal is what I’m trying to achieve. And what I want to give… Ritual waves, which will be feared instead of being loved, something so dark that even those familiar with so called “Death” Metal will wet their pants.

And what does Necros Christos give to you?

– When I began composing for Necros Christos back in 2001 it was not just these typical “Oh, I wanna do something outstanding, so let’s try…” – thing, I felt “chosen” from an unknown source of higher inspiration when the first tunes hit me like a lightning bolt. I know damn well that these phrases sound totally fucked up, but I AM insane up to a certain point and one has to be when playing real Death Metal…

You are the mastermind of Necros Christos. How wrong is it to say that Necros Christos is your own vision or could Necros Christos be a democratic band someday?

– No, never I guess. But the other guys knew before and I’m still open for ideas. Actually, we’re arranging the songs together at the rehearsal place and I’m not telling Christhammer what to do on the drums, he’s so deeply into my vision that no further explanations are needed. The same goes for Thy Black Shepherd, our new bass player who now completes our triune of abysmal doom…

Your demotapes Black Mass Desecration and Grave Damnation are very strong and coherent entities with those interludes etc. Have you tried to write songs which fit well together?

– I never thought about if the songs of one demo would fit well together, as I told you before it’s a “natural”, and obviously an occult one, process which crawls out of itself and needs no additional thoughts.

Are you going to evolve Necros Christos musically?

– I will never evolve Necros Christos musically, I hate most of the bands who are telling that they progressed so much with every new record. How it comes that their first demos or full-lengths are the best in their career then?

Can you reveal some facts about the cover of your newest demo Grave Damnation, where some German tombstone is placed upside down? It’s a photo you have taken, right?

– The pic was taken on a cemetery near my flat and the tombstone was rammed in the ground as you can see it on the cover, it’s no work of photoshop or something like that. It is for real…

What do you think about the real attacks against the church like tombstone desecrations and church burnings?

– I respect the dead and their remains, so I never did any tomb desecrations yet. Although I must admit that I find it attractive walking on a desolate cemetery with broken tombs, wildered graves etc.

 In my opinion your lyrics have two sides: on the other hand you blaspheme the personified Jesus and on the other hand there is a strong connection to magic and occultism. What kind of philosophy do you have behind the lyrics?

– No kind of philosophy, visions… and due to the fact that my whole consciousness is totally consumed by the powers of magic and occultism it surely does influence the way I write and compose…

So, I guess that’s the reason why there are some interesting song titles in Grave Damnation like Red Wine Runs Out of the White Skull of Jesus. What’s the story behind that song?
– Mary Magdalene stole the skull of Jesus after his burial and kept it as a shrine for the rest of her life. She sipped wine out of it and used it for magical rites…

You have done the most limited editions I have seen for a long time, for example Ritual Doom Rehearsal was limited to 20 copies. What’s the idea behind this kind of policy?

– Some recordings were just meant for the closest comrades and friends, so we decided to keep them for the inner circle. On the other hand, some of those editions had the reason to “inform”, not to “present” Necros Christos in its whole.

When can we expect a full-length?

– Yes, we sealed an oath already, but not by hand, by heart. The first full-length of Necros Christos will be released by Sepulchral Voice Rex from Germany. Their first release had been the mighty Charon 7inch, a first class release of real Death Metal. We had a lot of offers and I appreciate every single one of them, but in the end, we decided to go with them, becoming disciples of the sepulchral communion. As far as I can estimate it by now, we will record the album at the beginning of 2006…

I’ve heard that Necros Christos is a quite impressive live band. What does make you so special on stage?

– Mmh, makes me proud that you’ve heard it, but to be honest, our last show at the Under The Black Sun festival wasn’t so killer… Daylight swallowed most of the atmosphere and my guitar fucked up during one song. But I think we got through it like men, not like amateurs…
– But what makes us special…? We’re old enough to present ourselves as we are, we don’t paint our faces and react like 16 year old Gay Metal cocks and let the darkness within our music speak. Otherwise, you’ve to ask someone else who’s just watching, not doing the thing…
– And; The inevitable fact that the occult absolute doeth surround us at our live ceremonials is maybe one of the reasons of being a bit more special than others…

What’s your relationship to other German metal bands? Are you an isolated person or do you have contacts with other bands?

– Yes, contacts are enjoyable up to a certain point, serious contacts I mean. I’m in deep contact with the Katharsis brotherhood, Ronald of Horrible Eyes, Theby of Drowned, Ilja of Wolfthorn, Magus of Blasphemic Lust, Lucif of Moloch, Hurricane of Hellpike/ Zarathustra as well as my Berlin comrades like The Imperator of Black Warcult Productions, Phil of Summon For Satan (r.i.p.) / Temple Of Adoration, AK 47 of B.C. Imperator, Patrick of Iron Bonehead, Hansi and Jörg from Folter, Endrew the Starspawn etc…

Well, I guess we have reached the end. Any last words to our readers?

– For all those initiated into old, ceremonial Death Metal devotion Necros Christos is a tool to the boundaries of goetic magic.
All other: Please stay away, I’m tired off wasting my time…


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