People seem to know Nuit Noire only because of their Lady Gaga cover (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBsGycxYd_E ) nowadays, but if we look farther to the past, we find Lunar Deflagration (2004), an interesting album full of inimitable “blasting faerical punk”. And if you can dig through those hysterical vocals and loose drumming, you find a good bundle of catchy and ingenious black metal riffs, which are far from ‘childish’.

However, the king fairy himself, Tenebras, hasn’t been able to achieve same heights with his recent albums. There is still hope, though: a new album, The Gigantic Hideout, is now out through Tenebras’ Creations of the Night label (tenebras795@msn.com), so maybe we will be surrounded by this somehow innocent and honest atmosphere again.

But before this, here is a short Nuit Noire interview from Kaleidoscope #1 (2005).

You don’t usually find the words like “faeries” or “happiness” from the Black Metal interviews, but French Nuit Noire is an unusual band, so it’s obvious that the themes and motives behind band’s hysterical, diverse and dark Black Metal differ a lot from the typical scene. Mastermind Tenebras shared his wisdom from the kingdom of the faeries in the end of September…

So, let’s start with the latest news: Nuit Noire will release a 7” called Furibond Elegance, which according to Todestrieb will continue in the vein of Lunar Deflagration. So, have you finally found the best possible way to express yourself?

– Yes, those vocals go out naturally from me and they really fit the lyrics. It is so enjoyable to scream with one’s own voice, a voice that no one else could provide…

Many people have described your music energetic. Where all this energy comes from, ‘cause it’s easy to imagine your music just depressing, hopeless – but then it wouldn’t be Nuit Noire, right?

Lunar Deflagration contains the lyrics and all the following releases will too. I hope by now that people won’t ever say again that Nuit Noire is depressing. I want my music to be a flow of moonlight entering the mind and the flesh of the listeners. It is only in moments of real happiness, when I feel the faeries flowing in me, that I can create the songs of Nuit Noire. And this happiness is naturally injected in the sound, making it euphorizing and also energetic.

The category of your music, “faerie metal” is quite interesting, some could even consider that too soft and childish. But I guess that Nuit Noire represents all kinds of emotions and feelings, not just anger and hate?

– There is not the least drop of hate in Nuit Noire, but the energy is so strong that it creates a sort of rage, and only the faeries can provide such energy, and also mystery: where are they hidden in this so dark and infinite world of night? They are so mischievous…

Let’s continue with this faerie theme. What do faeries mean to you, some sort of belief to magical, unknown “other side” perhaps?

– Only the pure-hearted ones can feel the faeries, they are a fluid that makes a great sensation, like a sort of orgasm, in the body. They are hidden in the dark and one must be filled with innocence to meet them and to have their love. Faerie is a way of life that consists to forget the bodies and the outlooks. Darkness is essential to this result, that’s why night and faeries are indissociatable.

Besides Furibond Elegance, you are planning to release a split with a band called Call Me Loretta, which is far away metal music. I guess you are very open-minded what comes to music? What do you think about these BM-puritans who repeat phrases like “no synths, no melodies” etc.? In my opinion the feeling of the music is more important than the way how you perform it.

– These days, WASP and Clan of Xymox are blowing the high-speakers of my stereo… My music exasperates the BM-puritans and I’m very happy with this.

What kind of music do you listen generally?

– It is not really “kind of music” that I listen, it is “some bands” above all, those who make something striking or original or powerful… or all at the same time. Examples: Sonic Youth, Deicide, Sisters Of Mercy, Abigor, The Strokes, Ancient, Punish Yourself, Mötley Crüe, The Exploited, Metallica, Ultravox, Infernal Necromancy, Manowar, Kim Wilde, Sigh, Vediog Svaor, Ghaalskaag

As your taste for music, Lunar Deflagration is a very individualistic album, especially your hysterical vocal performances are beyond everything what I’ve heard. What kind of feelings did you live through when you recorded those vocal lines? Sometimes I sense almost the mantra-like atmosphere like in Don’t Fear to Go through the Window, where you just repeat that same phrase.

– I was simply in trance when recording the vocals, I fully live the lyrics, sometimes I was about to pass out, especially on Don’t Fear to Go through the Window by the way; some sentences are self-sufficient and they don’t need to be developed.

You are the only member of Nuit Noire, and you also released Lunar Deflagration through your own label, Creations Of The Night. Do you want to keep the music and the vision of Nuit Noire close to you? I guess Nuit Noire is very personal thing?

Lunar Deflagration was so far away from all the existing musical styles that I didn’t even dared to try any labels to release it. So I decided to create this label. By doing all by myself, I have no constraint and no one can interfere in the art direction. Nuit Noire is something that goes out alone from me and, as I am someone crazy, Nuit Noire is also crazy.

About Creations Of The Night: are you going to release some other bands’ recordings or do you keep the label just for Nuit Noire?

– I don’t have lots of money to put on this label, so I cannot tell now if I’ll release other stuff than Nuit Noire’s.

It seems that the night and the night time are very important in Nuit Noire’s concept. What does the night mean to you? Some think that at night they can travel to somewhere else within their sleep when some keep awake and see the world differently when the sun is gone; how do you spend your nights? Maybe writing Nuite Noire material?

– Night has incredibly beautiful and fascinating aesthetics. When the moon is bright and high in the sky, landscapes on earth – especially the forests – make me love this world too much. When going into nature by night, I forget at once that I am a human in the human world, I don’t remember to have been cold, hungry, thirsty, tired or so in the night. Only good feelings of happiness. Usually, by the night time, I’m at work during the first part and then I sleep. When I don’t work, I can do all sort of things and, also, playing guitar and writing lyrics. The songs of Nuit Noire are mostly created by night.

So, the interview is reaching its end. Please close this conversation with some nice words.

– We will run towards the skirt of the forest, we will dance between the trees, we will throw ourselves on the ground and roll in the leaves, we will hang on to the branches and climb very high, we will fuck everybody!


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